FIeld servıces - raılway

Field Services / Railway


CBTC commissioningCBTC (Communication Based Train Control)

Connections of signaling (BP, WT, ERTMS) cabins and equipment to the network system
Stable operation of the prepared network in Cisco switches in all stations
Installation of all radio equipment along the line for CBTC
Reporting and assigning necessary configurations to all radios via HIRSCHMAN switches
Integration of all stations with TNS (Transmission Network Systems)
Periodical recording of the CFMT radio tracking system
Monitoring train-radio communication in all BPs (Block Processor)
Error detection

CCTV MilestoneCCTV ( Close Circuit TeleVision) System

Measurements of all camera cables used in stations
Commissioning of all cameras (moving and stationary)
Configuration of CISCO switch configuration
Connection and control of CCTV cabinets with TNS (Transmission Network System).
Parameterization of servers

Public announcementPA (Public Announcement)

Control of software and hardware structures in the system (ASL systems)
Control of PA cabinets
Installation and version updates of the MPS system

Public information displayPID (Public Information Display)

Network settings
Tracking software and make necessary updates

Railway ClockClock System

Network settings
Setting up all devices to connect to the central time server


Siemens WinCC OA - Field Signal tests, reporting and follow up of commissioning.