Netbus Data Collection, Reporting and Analysis Tool


Netbus Overview

Netbus, is the name of the system that includes all of the software that enables reporting and analysis in a single center by gathering signals from the raw I / O level at the factory, field protocols and different systems such as OPC. The parts of the system we developed together with Okosis Ltd. company.


Netbus core is the core software that takes REST / MQTT commands from outside and runs in server mode with its own database.

Netbus gateways are software that sends information received from various protocols working as client to server via rest api.

Netbus Gui is a web-based, visualization interface software.

Netbus Custom Services is the software that performs customer-specific calculations for various processes.



By the use of NetbusOPCGateway and other common field protocols gateway softwares, it is possible to connect to almost any kind of device out on the field. Two way OPC DA and OPC UA gateways are used to collect and direct data in many factories.
In very special cases where the device does not include a common protocol or just has some text files generated, it is possible to write custom code using Netbus Custom Services to fetch the data.

With the inbuilt MQTT broker and its interfaces it is easily possible to connect with web based, IoT, IIoT based devices.

Netbus GUI

The Netbus Graphical User Interface, is designed purely in web development platform and allows to display the data anywhere the network can reach. User can easily create their own report templates and generate reports. Automatic reports feeding is also possible by setting the period and location of the file to adhere the new data to.

Trend reports are generated, again by choosing the tags in the system.
Datatable reports will display the selected tags values in columns of the same corresponding time resolution.


Time Synchronization

Data of a product on a conveyor or in a certain speed of flow will pass through certain points in the line in which at the end the acted values on this product can be traced back using “Time Synchronization” feature. The system will take into account the speed of the line and the positions of the sensors, actuators etc. and will present them in a single row during reporting..


IoT Integration and ML

Netbus is possbile to interact with node-red by the use of its mqtt and restful-api.

Node-Red allows to easily program IoT systems using flows.

Machine learning and its practices to elevate productivity are being developed currently.