About Our Corporation

Eskare is a comprehensive engineering services and solutions provider for the Automation, Telecom, Energy, Transportation and Industrial Cloud sectors

Founded in 2014, Eskare was formed to support the growing needs of industrial manufacturers in Turkey and Europe. The company quickly expanded in 2016 to service the Transportation and Automation industries, helping modernize and digitize railway and bridge systems in Europe. The Telecom business unit was added to focus on the needs for installation, commissioning and testing services in the industry.

Today, Eskare and its affiliate companies serve various sectors, with highly skilled engineering, design and consulting teams that serve clients across the world. Our mission is to help our customers harness the power of technology and innovation with cutting-edge products and services. We are committed to providing the most comprehensive and innovative solutions for our clients.

Why Choose Us


We always put safety first and strive for safe and stable operation in every single step of our works and activities in our projects that we realize.


We have great know-how and experiences on several sectors with great references coming from several years of engineering works at sites.


We provide professional engineering services in the edge of the technology with highly qualified and experienced great team dedicated to success.


We realize modern & state-of-the art innovative solutions in the edge of technology supported with the agile sprit of research and development.


The experience and know-how accompanied by professional management and organization lead to great success and confidence.


We are dedicated to high quality in each stage of our work and select state-of-the-art solutions in the edge of technology for our projects.


Strong, realiable and mutually beneficial relations are our crucial targets and must-haves for our customer engagement strategies.


We keep systems and devices in perfect conditions as well as our customer relations via technical support and maintenance services.

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