NetbusPro Cloud System

Netbus Pro Cloud System is the enhanced version of the Netbus Cloud System which provides platform independent solution that works on several modern operating systems running on either standard or embedded hardware.

NetbusPro at a Glance

Netbus Pro System is an effective “Cloud Software Platform” which contains several data integration services such as “data acquisition, collection, management, storage, presentation” which supports several communication media as “modern data exchange protocols” as well as “conventional automation protocols” to be able to to provide “modern, flexible, scalable and effective” solution for our valuable customers.

Products Features

Netbus Pro - Set of services to achieve data management:

  • Netbus Pro Core Service : Core application, data management & presentation
  • Netbus Storage Service : Storage application, data storage and fetch servers
  • Automation Link Services : Links to Automation Devices
  • Link Services : Links to Web Systems
  • Configuration & Management & Diagnostics : Web server interfaces
  • Web API Consumers : Custom Services and End User Presentation services

System Highlights

Platform Independent System

Netbus Pro Cloud System provides a platform independent industrial cloud solution that works on several modern operating systems running on either standard or embedded hardware. It supports distributed execution of cloud services on wide network infrastructure. It is perfectly possible to plan and organize the system architecture according to the budget and specification of the project and the customer requirements.

Flexible & Scalable

Netbus Pro System has flexible system requirements. It is based on Open-Source Software platform principles, it is an Open-System which is designed to support well-known software standards and perfectly ready to integrate and exchange data with these applications using modern protocols. Thanks to the flexible system requirements, it is perfectly possible to run Netbus Pro Core applications on a small ARM system as well as full-fledged server platforms.

Super Fast Core

Netbus Pro System provides an on-the-edge well designed “super fast” data exchange platform. The “Distribution Philosophy of The Netbus Services” and the optional selection of “Dedicated Hardware for Netbus Pro Core Service” makes the system and the Netbus Pro Core application super fast and perfectly optimized. Well-organized WebAPI interface provides fastest and effective queries and exporting / importing data chunks in JSON data format for the use of Netbus Pro Services as well as custom services and third party applications.

Powerful Distribution Philosophy

Netbus Pro System has a powerful distribution philosophy with great load balancing and system improvement opportunities. The distribution philosophy of the services and selection of “Dedicated Hardware for Specific Services” makes the Netbus Pro System super fast and perfectly optimized. Netbus Pro System runs on arm processors, desktop computers and server platforms as well. It supports Redundant Operations in several levels and components of System Architecture.

Multi Platform GUIs

Netbus Pro System provides an open and flexible as well as multi platform and web friendly infrastructure to generate and present powerful Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs). Netbus Pro System’s Netbus GUI Generator service imports the user generated GUIs and presents them through the web interface besides the Standard GUI pages which provides powerful tools such as Event Viewer and Chart Viewer.

Web Based Setup & Management

Netbus Pro System can be downloaded from this web site and can set up easily and user friendly. The User runs “sudo ./” and the installation of the system is done automatically without any user interference and the system becomes ready to run in a couple of minutes. The “License requesting and receiving” actions are performed through Netbus System Manager web site’s licenses page.

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