Float Glass Cold-End Solutions

Exclusive solutions for glass automation systems

We have exclusive references on flat glass cutting lines, cutting bridges, plate tracking systems.

  • Flat Glass Cutting Line Optimization Software
  • Plate Tracking Software
  • Cutting Bridges and Error Marking

Flat Glass Cutting Line Optimization Software

Flat Glass Cutting Line Optimization Software ensures the production with minimum loss depending on the defects in the glass and production dimensions.

Defects in the glass coming from the furnace are taken for our optimization system via optical camera. According to the dimensions and quality definitions to be cut, our system decides the least loss plates continuously by real-time processing.

Plate Tracking Software

Monitoring the discrete glass plates on the conveyor line in PLC and visualizing in SCADA. We implemented this system with PLC and Java Automation Control computers in different places.

At a certain point, the included plates are directed to the desired collection station according to the addresses. Independent conveyors prevent collisions by automatically stopping during intensive production.

Cutting Bridges and Error Marking

Flat glass cutting bridges system, a form of flying saw applications, draws plate lengths from the optimization system synchronously with the line speed with diamonds. This system, which we run with Java Automation Control computers, provides synchronization between 3 bridges on a single computer. The error marking system also operates on a computer. The errors that come with 3 independent bridges are shared between bridges and the paint is sprayed. Error selections manually or automatically via optimization.

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